Black and Red Feminist History

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Black and Red Feminist History


Anarchist and socialist feminist history


This collection contains texts and translations by and about radical 19th century women.

Items in the Black and Red Feminist History Collection

L’OPINION DES FEMMES   Prospectus   The women who understand the greatness of their mission, in the present and in the future, feel deeply that it is for them not only a right, but a duty, to take part in all the acts of social life, and to…

from NOTES OF A TROUBLE-MAKER   Séverine (Caroline Rémy de Guebhard) ____   LIBERTY — EQUALITY — FRATERNITY   Liberty?   That night, on the asphalt beach that dominates the view from my window, some human wreckage, a father, mother,…

WOMAN—HER POSITION AND DUTIES.   I BEGIN by asserting, what to me is an axiom, that Woman must be either a slave and prostitute or free and chaste. There is no middle ground. Repress no longer the full action of women’s powers; favor the free…