Chronological Listing of Texts

1839—Adin Ballou, Non-Resistance in Relation to Human Governments

1862—Eliphalet Kimball, “Law, Commerce, and Religion

1865—Calvin Blanchard, “A Crisis Chapter on Government

1869—Arthur Ranc, “Anarchy”

1882—Emile Digeon, “Rights and Duties in Rational Anarchy”

1884—Elisée Reclus, “An Anarchist on Anarchy

1886—Lucy Parsons, “I am an Anarchist”

1887—Joseph Lane, “An Anti-Statist Communist Manifesto”

1887—Dyer D. Lum, “On Anarchy

1890s—Joseph Labadie, “Anarchism: What it is and What it is Not”

1891—Louise Michel, “Why We are Anarchists”

1891—Errico Malatesta, Anarchy

1892—Benjamin R. Tucker, “Why I am an Anarchist”

1893—Victor Yarros, “Anarchism: What it is, and What it is Not”

1894—Emile Henry, Letter to the Director of the Conciergerie                    

1894—J.A. Andrews, A Handbook of Anarchy

1895—London Anarchist Communist Alliance, “An Anarchist Manifesto”

1896—Louise Michel, “Why I am an Anarchist

1897—Voltairine de Cleyre, “Why I am an Anarchist

1898—Henry Addis, Why I am an Anarchist

1899—Elbert Hubbard, “The Better Part

1901—Voltairine de Cleyre, "Anarchism"

1905—Han Ryner, “Mini-Manual of Individualism”

1910—Emma Goldman, “Anarchism: What it Really Stands For”

1910—Peter Kropotkin, “Anarchism” (Britannica)

1911—Emile Armand, “Little Manual of the Individualist Anarchist”

1911—Edward Carpenter, “Non-Governmental Society”

1920—Walter Everette Hawkins, Credo [poem]

Chronological Listing of Texts