Edgeworth's Miserable Insinuations

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Edgeworth's Miserable Insinuations


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James L. Walker (“Tak Kak”), “Edgeworth's Miserable Insinuations,” Liberty 5 no. 4 (September 24, 1887): 5.


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Edgeworth’s Miserable Insinuations.


To the Editor of Liberty:

The sovereign impertinence of Edgeworth is exhibited in personal hints contained in some articles from him in the Winsted “Press,” on “Anarchy vs. Egoism.” Speaking of the Jay Goulds and Napoleons, Edgeworth says: “If — which I do not know to be a fact — Tak Kak is identified with these in interest and ambition, why does he let the cat out of the bag?” Now, if any one lets those villains’ cat out of the bag, does it not argue that he is, if intelligent, not identified with them in interest and ambition? But Edgeworth plays with the strings of other bags and chances the letting out of other cats.

I warn Edgeworth that, if he knew me personally, he would be ashamed as long as he lives for having written some things about me. So would another of your correspondents be.

According to Edgeworth, “the humor of the thing consists in this conscienceless doctrine of successful egotism being preached to the poor devils who are perishing under its infliction by the dominant powers.” Really! and is not universal individual sovereignty the cure for absolutism and usurpation?

Tak Kak.


James L. Walker (“Tak Kak”), “Edgeworth’s Miserable Insinuations,” Liberty 5 no. 4 (September 24, 1887): 5.



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