Festival of Attic Rooms and Thatched Cottages

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Festival of Attic Rooms and Thatched Cottages




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April 16, 1848.



Abolition of the exploitation of man by man.
(Organization of Labor by Association.)


What is a republican? It is a socialist.

What is a socialist? It is a republican.

The wolves have made themselves lambs... Take care that the lambs do not make themselves wolves. — The wolves have shouted at the lambs: Wolf! Wolf!

What is the people? It is the national guard.

What is the national guard? It is the people.


Today, April 16, 1848, the political revolution ends, and the social revolution begins. Be three times blessed, first day of the era of deliverance! By you, French people, Christ-People, Messiah of the peoples, let all the cottages be a castle, all the attic rooms a palace; all the land watered with our sweat, our tears and our blood, the garden of delights!

God is the great artist; from evil, he makes good arise; from the most miniscule causes, the greatest effects; from two grains of dust that collide surge the events of March 17 and April 16. March 17, Thomas, you said: How many of them are there?” He responded: infinite.

Today, April 16, you say: What do they demand?

They demand their place in the sun, and their share of the banquet social life.

The disinherited, bare-footed, without bread, have made today the first peaceful summons.... Tremble that it not be the last!

They blaspheme, those who say: Down with socialism! Every manifestation of thought is holy… At the time to separate the wheat from the chaff! Let us say: Long live socialism!

Socialism is the beacon of the transition, suspended over the abyss that separates us from the promised land.

Honor! Three times honor to you, socialists who have inscribed on the flag of the people: Abolition of the exploitation of man by man; organization of labor by association. You have given the pediment of the temple of love that will emerge from the ruins of the old world that crumbles.

Let these divine words ring out to the four quarters of the world! Let them be engraved in the heart of all those that live, team and suffer!

They are the bread of life for the starving.

They are the bread of death for the well-fed, who remain seated at the feastof Belshazzar.

Satan (selfishness), at the appearance of the sacred banner, you have understood that your last hour has sounded, you have made your supreme effort; at your infernal breath, the people find themselves armed against the people, brother against brother!

During four hours, you have sharpened the civic bayonets on the breasts of the citizens;

During four hours, the procession of the barefoot, without bread, bearing its offering to the Republic, remained entwined in your web of iron.

During four hours, you set fire to the powder, it was overwhelmed by love;

During four hours, a drop becomes an ocean of blood, a spark a wildfire!..,

Woe! Three time woe on the heads of those who have thus tempted the lord! Before the 16th of April, man is small, God alone is great. He continues the miracle of February 22.

Satan, you are vanquished.

You, you were alone; that was your nothingness; we, armed or not armed, we were all brothers, all one; that is our life.

Yes, all brothers, all one, the foot raised, ready to crush the head!... if you dared to redresser. Yes, Satan, selfishness. We are all free in God, all brothers in God, all equals in God, all one in God, and your reign is over.

Republicans socialists, communists, phalansterians, national guards and soldiers, we are all brothers; the universe has its eyes on us, do not act like the soldiers of Cadmus: do not tear the breast of your divine mother, the Republic, extended at this moment on a bed of sorrow in the labor giving birth to the salvation of the world! It would be a crime of lèse-humanity, sacrilege…

In this hour of agony, the people are calm, yes, calm as a cannon charged with shot…. My God, have pity on us!

The Mapah.


Source: Gaëtan Delmas, Curiosités révolutionnaires: Les journaux rouges.




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